Thursday, March 19, 2015

Things That Are Trending

In addition to riding around in a person-powered tricycle in the shape of the Westeros throne, several other things keep popping up:

Yoga pants
Chest tattoos 
Side boob
The Ramones

An eclectic mix, to be sure. Also, all the cool kids call it "South-By" because two additional syllables is so time consuming and they're busy networking, you know? Always hated the cool kids. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Great fuckin' bands. Absurdly perfect bars. Kill me now.


The SXSW branding alone is nuts. Let's ride around in a GoT ped-taxi. To end up on the 29th floor condo of the autistic Father of Quants (if you don't understand this, you need to go back to the maths). This dude doesn't talk, he just pours wine and orders tacos and collects art and rocks and owns an entire floor. How I find myself in these appointments I will never know. But I speak math. He wore an adhesive headband in honor of the occasion. Willamette Valley Pinot, too. Man has taste.

Monday, March 16, 2015

That's Some Good Side Boob

And the night commences.

Later, This Happened

Kunal's friend Patrick joined us at the 24-hour Marigold (motto: Sorry, We're Open) for late night/early morning. They had burgers and nachos. I had a fried bacon and egg sandwich. Kunal barely made it. Of course, it was 3:30. More weirdness awaits.

Welcome to Austin

And the GE BBQ Research Center! I didn't get in until 11:45, but by 12:30 Kunal and I were immersed in the SXSW weirdness out on the street. Taco trucks! Fire dancing! 3,000 people at 2 am! Whatever else, it's a good party.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Birdies and Flying

Played the front nine at Deep Cliffs in Cupertino yesterday. Rough round. Could barely get a good shot off. Until the 8th hole. 106-yard 9-iron to the green, 20-foot putt. My first bird. Sorry, no pictures.

On my way to SXSW. Got some money to raise. Check back for what will surely be weirdness.