Saturday, October 31, 2009

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This is new. Sitting at SFO and seeing if this works.

Mise en Place

I am possessed by a perverse predeliction for planning.

It started when I was six. Fascinated by the Apollo missions, I immersed myself in every detail--including what they took with them and why. Nothing was extraneous, everything was versatile, all of it was accounted for, and anything no longer needed was left behind.

Boy Scouts proved to be a similar experience: if you wanted it, you packed it in. Hours were spent jettisoning extraneous gear to reduce pack weight ten percent. It paid off.

I cook the same way--only what you need, arranged for access and according to process.

This spread is going to India, in one carry-on, packed by type and layered by probability of use. Of course, there's an advance package that will arrive in Boston a week from now so that during the next series of meetings I don't look like I just stepped off the plane from India. Thanks to Michele for that.

Incidentally, that same package will be recycled to return dirty Indian laundry to Duarte. For the love of Pete don't open it.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Check Your Passports

Got less than six months left on yours? Renew now and save yourself a headache.

Most countries that require visas require the passport to be current for six months after the issue date of the visa. If, like me, you waited too long, you will be standing in line at the nearest passport office (sucks if you live somewhere other than Seattle, SF, DC, NYC, etc.). Then you will be standing in line at the visa office or consulate. Then you will be waiting for FedEx to show up with your visa and passport--which means you're going no where if you don't have your act together.

Combine that with the recommended vaccinations and you can tell your boss that you'll be spending a fair amount of time away from the office. Before you spend a fair amount of time away from the office.

I'm going to Bangalore for TEDindia first, then Karen and I will be in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand over the holidays. Check back starting the first week of November for updates.