Sunday, May 7, 2017

Art island in the sun

Naoshima art island is spectacular! Scattered around this stunningly beautiful island are four museums, a handful of contemporary art sites, and public art installations. Most of the art is housed in dramatic buildings designed by Tadao Ando (sadly no photos allowed of or in any of them). You'll find site-specific installations by James Turrell, Richard Long, and a room full of Monets, because Monet! There is even 2D art hanging outside (check out the shot of Hiroshi Sugimoto photographs below--mind is blown)! Across the island, a collection of historic buildings have been transformed with contemporary art installations. It's all a brilliant integration of art, architecture, and nature. Perhaps one of the most beautiful contexts for museum going ever (the Louisiana in Denmark is its only competition).

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Unknown said...

That's a Kusama pumpkin, I assume?