Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Every locale comes with its own unique set of requirements--vaccinations, visas, the ability to drive on the left--but here's a few that make Japan super easy:

1: JR Pass. Good for the Shinkansen, local JR trains, and a few other things. Just wave it at the attendant to enter the station. $400 for two weeks.

2: Suica. Rechargeable card for the other trains and subways. Use it to buy things from vending machines, too. $10 minimum, but you'll blow through that.

3: Portable Wi-Fi. Order ahead or rent one at the airport and turn yourself into a roving hotspot. Never be without a connection. $95 for two weeks.

4: Google Maps. Always know where you're going and what train to get on. Japan is not based on a grid system. Requires the wi-fi. Free.

5: Spare Battery. Don't run out of juice. $Variable.

6: Beer. Technically not indispensable, but highly recommended. $5/bottle.

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